Friday, October 29, 2010

Help poor little guy is hurt !!!

     This morning I went out to check on the 4 cats ( 3 that was born here from a cat someone dropped off )and there was this little guy again.At first there was 3 and a bigger one I thought was the mother.I really saw the bigger one first and then one night there was 3 smaller ones.I hav'nt seen the bigger one for a while and only see this one for the last few weeks.I am afraid something has happened to the others,and this poor little guy is limping on his back leg.I hate to see something hurt and not knowing what to do for it.
  He don't seem to be aggressive at all.When I take more food out to him he just moves to the other side of the porch till I go back into the house.The cats they sit on the rails or chairs till he's finished eating then he leaves.I'd appreciate any suggestions if you have any ideas ????

                       These are a couple of bouquets my daughter asked me to make to put in her office she is a hospital chaplain.They were fun to make and I love working with these colors this time of the year.I like making things with flowers,but just never could get into it a lot.She really liked them and said she got a lot of compliments on them.    Now I am trying to get my angel listed on ebay.I have to take the pictures of her and will post some here when I do.I've had her finished for some time,but with all that was going on with my husband I had to put her on hold.She is my first angel I've ever made,and I just love her.
   I just wished I knew more about this computer stuff.I'd love to have some pretty templates for my ebay.Some of the girls have such pretty listing,and makes everything look so good.Would anyone have any places to find these that they really like,and at reasonable prices ????   
    Time to get busy and get things done.I think I need to make a fresh pot of coffee and get things rolling.It's cold out and the wind is blowing the pretty leaves down.Makes me feel like getting busy on some of the fall things I have swirling around in my head.....Blessing Diane