Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finally listed a doll and pics of Kittens

I finally got my doll listed on ebay.She's here of you would like to see her......

I just loved making her she's so much prettier than the pics but the best I could do.

It is so cold and windy today a good day to stay in with a hot cup of coffee and work on dolls.This is the time of the year I love the most.The leaves are turning and starting to look so pretty.I'd like to start putting some decorations up by this weekend.Just seems like there's not enough time in a day to get everything done.

A cat thats been living under our house (she adopted us).Had 5 kittens and Ibrought them in and have been taking care of them.We are trying to find them a home.They are adorable and so playfull.I'd like to keep them but can't keep all.We are keeping the cream colored one.He's the odd ball of the bunch.

They are so comical and playfull.our little dog would chase them around playing with them.Now they turned it around and chase him they have a ball.We do too just watching them.I have a friend thats trying to help find homes for them.I sure hope she can cause they would be so much enjoyment for some one and deserve a good home.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fall is in the air and I am glad !!!!

I am sorry I hav'nt posted before this but Aug.has been an awful month for me.Mostly the heat I just can't take it like I use to.It seems I am not alone in this others have said the samething so I don't feel to bad about it.

This is my favorite time of the year even into winter when all the snow is blowing you won't hear me complainning at all.It's cooling off and now you can see the shadows of fall.Soon the leaves will be turning and the mountains around here are beautiful.

I have a couple dolls finished that I will be listing on ebay soon.They are the ones I dyed the wool for and love how nice it came out.

First is the black I did into a bun......
This is the blonde I did into finger curls on top of her head....

I hope to get these listed soon so I can get on to others I have dancing in my head....Have a great day and I'll be posting more now that things are getting back to normal......