Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good to be back and some pics

  Sorry I hav'nt posted in a while, but been down with the flu. It just seemed to hang on so long, but I think the worest is over. It's awful when you think of all the things you want to be doing, but when you try doing them you just don't have the strength. I think this weather is helping too it's beautiful out and warm.   My mind is so into spring and I have all these ideas of what I'd like to do.This is always a problem for me deciding on what to start with. I am thinking Easter bunnies, frogs, and dolls in pink and flowers. Sometimes I wander if anyone else has as much trouble as I do deciding on what to start with. One thing for sure I am going to start something today. Once I get started then everything else seems to fall in place.
 Since I don't have any dolls to show you this time I'd like to show a couple pics of Tyson our furbaby lol.
Poor little guy hates baths, but he handles it pretty good. He makes me feel bad with those pitiful looks, but I know he'll feel much better when were done. Oh by the way that turkey hanging on the wall is going. I did'nt even notice that until I took the pic lol.

    Here he is with his double cheeseburger no way anyones getting that off him lol after what he went thru.  He stoled that from our sons bag when he got up to get a drink good thing he had more lol.
                 Ok time to get busy hope everyone has a great day. .....Blessing Diane