Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just a peek not finished yet

Just a little peek for today. Froggies (no name yet) very shy  not wanting me to take pics.She was trying to cover her face before I took the pic lol. I did talk her into just a few until we decided on her finishing touches. We are thinking of making her a little lighter shade, and have to finish up her details to her face. Also she needs her shoes.
Her sundress is removable and ties at the shoulders with little yellow ribbon bows.This pic doesn't do her justice at all.When she's finished I'll try taking more pics outside hopefully that will be better.She also wants a little hat or something else for on her head. Anyone have any ideas ????
This is my version of a  Prims by Kim pattern. Thanks Kim for such a fun pattern !!!
Have a great day will be back soon with pics of my new dollie I started. Taking a little break from Froggie until we can agree on her details lol.....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Good Morning

Good morning,
 I know it's been a while since my last posting, but thought I'd take a break and get some things done outside before it got to hot. That was a joke it got up in the high 90s-100 but had to finish what I started. Now it's been in the 70s and beautiful oh well I am done now and getting back to my dollies.
             Thought I'd show you my bunny and her strawberry candy bouquet. I loved doing her she's such a sweet looking bunny. The blue in her outfit is so pretty I wish I could find it in other designs too. I think I'll take her outside for more pics hopefully they will show up better. I hope to list her on ebay soon.

  Did you ever buy fabric with no idea what you'd do with it ? I bought this a good while ago not having a clue what I'd make with it. Well I have a little lady I think it will be perfect for. If things go well I'll have some pics in a day or so.
Guess I better HOP off here (lol sorry just had to say that). I really want to get busy with my dolls and have lots to share with you.
Have a great day and many blessing  (hugz)