Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not for the faint of heart and finally snow (pics)

  I had made this doll a good while ago, but never finished her.I loved how she came out except for the head.Even after I started painting her features I didn't like her any better.So I just put her away until the other day when I was cleaning out my closet.I brought her out and sat her in the dolly chair where I put the doll I am working on.After looking at her for a while I thought if I could change the head I would like her a lot better,but since the head and body was one piece I'd have to cut off the head.Some will think this crazy,but some will understand it gave me a funny feeling in my stomach to do this.My husband was no help he was making remarks and getting a kick out of it when I told him how I hated to cut the doll.Like how can you cut that poor things head off, and so on just to give you an idea some of what he was saying.Husbands, well I was glad it brought a little fun into his day lol...
       Once it was done and I made her a new round head I was glad I like her so much better...
Now she has a new head and is in the painting stage.I have completely painted her body, and letting her dry.I'll post more pics as she's coming along, but I must say I really am happy with her new look....

We finally got some snow about 12", and it's beautiful.Everything looks so peaceful hardly anything is moving around here except the snowplows and my coffee pot lol.I am snuggled in with my coffee, patterns, and lots of fabric what more could I ask for lol.I thank God for a warm home and family to share it with.Well I better get moving so much to do....
Hope every ones having a wonderful day... Blessing Diane 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ready to start something new and some pics

 It's such a relief now that I finally was able to get back into my doll room and get everything back in order well pretty much anyway.Over the holidays everything seemed to get shoved in there empty christmas boxes and everything else.It seems when things are all in a mess my brain is too.I have a hard time starting on anything until I get things organized.Now that my room and house are back in order my brain is going crazy to get started on some new ideas I have starting with valentines day.I am thinking of cupids,angels,or frogs maybe a cat.Have to give it a little more thought,but something will be going on today for sure.
 I met the most wonderful lady on ebay.She won my angel doll Annalissa,and sent me the most wonderful letter.It is so good that she would take the time to let me know how much she liked her.Her sister loved the doll some much that she order one for her for Christmas.It is always a blessing to hear good things about something you have created.
   Well guess I better get moving can't wait to get started on something new.Have a great day Blessing Diane

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year a little late

  Hope everyone had a good Christmas and a happy new year.Seems like it came and went to fast for me.We had a wonderful Christmas especially with family and friends.When the grands were small I usually had a Christmas eve party for them but, this year my granddaughter had the party at her home.When she was about 5 she was at my oldest daughters house and asked her if they were going to grandmas feast.Isn't it something how little ones think of things and what things mean to them. Now here she is hosting the party at her home.
The 2 little ones sitting closest to santa are her's and the other little one belongs to my oldest GD.Santa was my son in law he was perfect.We laughted so hard when we first saw him.He's pillows were kinda low and looked like he had dunlap diease real bad still makes me laugh thinking about it lol.

This one is the youngest on her mommys lap.Can't believe these are GREAT grandbabies lol.I am truly blessed.I have more pics to get loaded on here later when I have more time to work on them....
We took down and put away decorations yesterday except for the tree that we plan on doing this evening.I can't wait to get to my doll room and get it cleaned up so I can get back to crafting.It seems like everything got stuffed in there what a mess.There was a lot of things I did'nt get done again this year, but my DD and I are starting a new thing I found after christmas.This site has everything to help people like us
We are making us each a notebook and following it all thru the year.It has a lot of good ideas and pages to print off to make your own notebbok I think it will really help us.If you have the same problem you should check it out too.
Again hope you all have a happy new year and are truly blessed all thru this new year.....Blessings Diane