Monday, November 22, 2010

If you like the pillowpets 2 free tuts !!!!!

     This is the first I have had any time to get on my computer since I last posted.I came across some really cute tuts I thought I would share with you. Shea of ALL THINGS SHEA has a easy tut for a "NOT QUITE a PILLOWPET" I think is adorable so is the little guy with his pillow.Just think of all the different stuff animals laying around that could be made into something so cute and useful..2010_11020061

Here's her addy..
  Thanks Shea for sharing !!!!!

  Also Elizabeth of  TWELVE CRAFTS TILL CHRISTMAS has a tut called "Pillow Buddy" so cute done totally different,but same idea.I think these are so cute and not hard to do thanks Elizabeth. Here's her addy..


                    What great ideas thanks Shea,and Elizabeth for sharing your wonderful talent.
                                        Thats it for now it's getting late and I have a lot to do tomorrow.. Blessing Diane

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pillow Pets tuts

These sre so cute and was sent to me in email so thought I'd share.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Annalissa a special angel

  My angel is finally listed on ebay.In her hand she is holding an Angel Feather ornament with the poem explaining the meaning of the feather.She is white and silver,but the lighting in some pics give her a gold cast but it's all silver.I just love her she is so precious I love how she turned out and hope you do too.Here is the words for the poem...

                                                             Angel Feather
                                             I am an angel feather sent from up above,

                                         to serve as a reminder of His most gracious love.

                                    I'm from your Guardian Angel that God assigned to you,

                                       it fell out in her struggle as she protected you.

                                  Each time you almost stumble each time you almost fall,

                                    thank God and all His Angels for answering your call.

   If you'd like to see more pics of her look here..

  I have a lot to do today going to try and find a template for my ebay.I just have such a hard time doing the online stuff.If I could just get the hang of it things would be so much easier for me.I have been selling dolls for a long time at shows and had a shop until my husbands accident,but doing it online is a whole new thing and hard for me to catch on to,but i'll keep trying...
                                                                      Have a great day everyone.....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Free needlefelted green onion doll tut


 Thought I'd share this adorable needlefelted onion doll I found by Laura Lee Burch .It is so cute and don't look hard to do all.She also has a free tut for a pumpkin and witch plus a lot of other really nice things she is so talented.Here's her addy if you'd like to see them.
 I have only needlefelted doll hair with sheeps wool,but would like to try this technique after the holidays.It's always fun learning new things and things that are different.
                               Hope you enjoy......

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free felted green onion doll tut


  I received this in my email this morning and thought I'd share it.I have never did this but looks like fun and easy.If you get a chance to look here's her blog .She also has a tut for a pumpkin and witch that are also very cute.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The 3 bandits are back

  The very next morning after I made my last post about only seeing the 1 coon thinking the other 2 were dead.I feed the cats as usual,but when I went back to check on them these 3 guys were there just eating away.My cats were sitting around watching,but staying away boo don't look to happy about the whole thing.The pics arn't to good,but tried not to scare them away.They did'nt move a bit when I took the pics just finished eat got a drink then moved on.The only thing I do worry about rabis.They seem ok and not aggressive at all.

         Finishing up on my Angel doll hope to have everything done by this evening,and can post some pics.I am real happy with her.Only thing I am having trouble with is the Angel Feather tag I want to put on her ornament.For some reason I can't get my print shop to work right or most likely it's just me..
Blessing have a great day........

Friday, October 29, 2010

Help poor little guy is hurt !!!

     This morning I went out to check on the 4 cats ( 3 that was born here from a cat someone dropped off )and there was this little guy again.At first there was 3 and a bigger one I thought was the mother.I really saw the bigger one first and then one night there was 3 smaller ones.I hav'nt seen the bigger one for a while and only see this one for the last few weeks.I am afraid something has happened to the others,and this poor little guy is limping on his back leg.I hate to see something hurt and not knowing what to do for it.
  He don't seem to be aggressive at all.When I take more food out to him he just moves to the other side of the porch till I go back into the house.The cats they sit on the rails or chairs till he's finished eating then he leaves.I'd appreciate any suggestions if you have any ideas ????

                       These are a couple of bouquets my daughter asked me to make to put in her office she is a hospital chaplain.They were fun to make and I love working with these colors this time of the year.I like making things with flowers,but just never could get into it a lot.She really liked them and said she got a lot of compliments on them.    Now I am trying to get my angel listed on ebay.I have to take the pictures of her and will post some here when I do.I've had her finished for some time,but with all that was going on with my husband I had to put her on hold.She is my first angel I've ever made,and I just love her.
   I just wished I knew more about this computer stuff.I'd love to have some pretty templates for my ebay.Some of the girls have such pretty listing,and makes everything look so good.Would anyone have any places to find these that they really like,and at reasonable prices ????   
    Time to get busy and get things done.I think I need to make a fresh pot of coffee and get things rolling.It's cold out and the wind is blowing the pretty leaves down.Makes me feel like getting busy on some of the fall things I have swirling around in my head.....Blessing Diane     

Thursday, September 23, 2010

   Where in the world does the time go ???? Everything went good with my husbands getting the stents in his heart.They thought they'd have to put 3 in but only needed 2 and that was good news.With all that behind us now I feel I can breathe.I really left things go around the house so been catching up on that.
   Now I hope to really get back into my doll making.I want to finish up my angel.She is the first angel I ever made and I am loving her.She was'nt suppose to be an angel but all she needed was the wings.I did'nt want to buy a pattern just for the wings so I sat down and made my own.I think they came out really good especially for being my own pattern..
I drew out a pattern and put lines in for the top stitching.I used shimmering tulle and a layer of batting inbetween.They really came out so nice I was kind of proud on myself lol.I am thinking of putting some shimmering lace around the edges.I've been wanting to use the lace for some time and this just seems like the perfect time for it.Well better get off here have a few things to do then on to my angel.I will have more pic later.Hope everyone has a wonderful day blessing......

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So good to be back into things again

     IT is so nice out today really feeling like fall my favorite time of year, and then winter which means snow love it.My husband goes into the hospital Fri to get the blockages opened in his heart.So I am trying to get things all done up around here.If everything goes right he'll be home the next day.He will be in Gods hands and we are trusting in Him to guide everything thats to be done.
 Hav'nt really been able to work on my dollies untill yesterday.I kept putting them off thinking I needed to get this and that done first.If I wait for that I'd get no doll making done.I need to get myself back into my routine again.Maybe this isn't a good time to start with all thats going on with my husband,but I do find peace when I am working on them.I've had the doll done and her dress for a while.It just needs some finishing touches, and she needs her hair and halo.Then some way hav'vt figured that out yet I want to add a saying or bible verse.I am sure that will come when I get her together.
This is a rough pic of her.I was trying some wings I had here,but they are to small.I think after I get some things done I am going to try sewing up a pair of wings I think they would look a lot better.
Here is a couple pics of my fur babies.They were fighting over a binky and I was lucky enough to get a couple pics.

LOL they are just like little kids.When one gets something they all want it.
Well btter get off here and get busy.Hope everyone has a great day....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer colds and Doll contest and thank you

  Sorry for not posting  for so long.Our son got a cold and was better in about a week.My hubby and I got it , and had to get antibotics before we could get rid of it we were down a couple weeks.Then we had 2 truck load of boxes still stored at my daughters.It was awful moving all that stuff in this heat but it's all done now.Had to go thru everything getting ready for a yard sale this sat.I love going to YSs but not having one.
  I'd like to share a couple pics of my dollie that won 3rd place in the 2010 "Spring" Baby Doll Challenge.I listed her in the intermediate section #33.
I was so tickled to have won especially since this was the first time I ever enter a contest.I would like to thank everyone that had voted for Matty.You really made my day thats for sure THANK YOU !!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finally listed yeah

   Finally got my doll listed on ebay.Heres the link if you'd like to see more of her and Charlie.  Charlie is her best friend they are always together.Sarah talks to him as if he understands everything she's saying.I've sold a few dolls on ebay and would really like to get something going there.Also one day I would love to have a website just not sure how to go about that.I'll be listing another doll in a day or so.Just a little hint she's a pretty little girl in pink..

 Today was Jordans last day of school.Now he's going into the 7th grade can't believe how fast time is going by.We got a scare today when my hubby went to the bus stop to pick him up from school.The bus went on past him did'nt even slow down.He came back to the house all upset.I called the school to see if something happened that he might have missed the bus.They said no and that all the kids were gone.What a terrible feeling I started calling his friends.Finally I got hold of one that rides his bus.She said they had a new driver and missed some of the kids stops.About that time Jordan came walking in the door.What a relief there is to many things happening to children now adays.I have prayer with him every morning cause I know I can't be with him but the Lord can.Thank you Lord Jesus...
   Wishing everyone a great day.I have to get busy having a really slow day today just can't seem to get with it...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

  Sorry I have been so long in posting.Getting all my flowers and seedlings planted was more work then I planned.Ended up with a pinched nerve in my neck causing me alot of pain all the way down my arm,but I am working it out.
  Now for the best part.I am finally able to move on with my dolls.I finally got a template for ebay got it figured out and ready to post in the next day or so.As I have said before I know little about computer stuff,but it was'nt as hard as I thought.I did have to ask for help,but did do most myself.
   So I would like you to meet * Sarah and her little friend Charlie * They are so sweet I love looking at them sitting here together.
I will post the ebay link once I get them listed.I have had my dolls done for some time,but did'nt want to list them till I had a template.
Well have to go and get supper going.Tonight we are making pork chops on the grill.I love grilling and would like to find some good grilling recipes.Anyone have any they'd like to share? Have  great day...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

No green thumb here, but love of sunflowers

   I don't have a green thumb at all ,but have to show you my little project SUNFLOWERS I love them.I have only grown these once years ago,but now that we are settled I decided to try them again.It is so amazing to me to see the giant flowers that just start from a small seed.To me they are happy flowers and seem to make such a strong statement when you look at them.I started the mammoths,red velvets and some mixed colors.The mammoths are my favorite.The others are new to me so we will see how they turn out.Just the day before(day 6 since I started the seeds) you could just see some green popping thru the dirt,but look how they looked at day 7

Day 8 they are above the rim of the pot.The mammoth are in the round pot,and vevets are in the square pan.I already have the mixed colored ones planted,but it's just to hot today for me to plant these.Hopefully I'll get them done this weekend.....Now this is another project I have been working on thanks to my wonderful daughter.There's no way I could have done this without her.My hubby and I was sitting on the deck and we heard this noise coming up from her house.Here she came on her tractor and cart with rocks in one load then she got another load of tools .I have to take some more pics to show you,but I am so happy with it.She had got me a bunch of plants for mothers day and we had to get them planted soon so that really got us motivated in getting these things done.Tomorrow we are suppose to work on her pond and I'll get pics of that too.
  Soon as I get my planting done I plan on getting back to my dollies.I have so many running thru my head at times it's hard to think of anything else....Have a blessed day   HUGZ Diane

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Surgery was a success

BEFOREAFTERHolding her flowers

  She was all dressed and had on her little hat and ready to have her pics taken.When I was posing her she got so sad.She wanted to hold her little bouquet of flowers and could'nt do it without support.So we had a little discussion and she talked me into putting some wire in her arms.SO I undressed her and with much care I removed her arms took out all the stuffing.Measured her for the wire added that and the stuffing sewed her arms back on and now she's so happy.She said I could show you pics of her little limp arms before and after,but we have to get her all dressed before I can show  her full view which I plan on doing later today.Hehe no I am not loosing it just enjoying what I do.Hope you are too...Have a blessed day......................

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Toooo many things at one time

   I can't believe how fast time flies,I hoped to have some pics of a few of the dolls I have been working on,but I did'nt get them finished yet.I have been jumping all over the place.Made a witch hat the first I ever made.I think it looks pretty good just hav'nt figured what I am going to do with the bow so pinned it on till I make up my mind.Soon as I get her done I'll post pics of my 1st witch...
Then I cut out a little mouse I love them,but don't know if I can handle working with such small pieces.
I think he's cute so far.I pinned the pieces together to show you,but before I sew him all together I think I am going to put wire in his arms and tail to make him more posable....
         I've also been thinking about doing some frogs maybe some cats too.My mind just won't settle down enough to get anything totally done is this related to spring fever????? I don't like having all these unfinished projects waiting on me.I also have 3 other dolls just needing a little finishing touches to them too.I think I'd better stop here and get to finishing these all up.Boy by writing this all down I am starting to feel so overwhelmed and thats when I get myself into trouble.So as I get them finished I'll post the pics....Then I'll move on to my next little character....So guess I better get started and get something finished.Have a great day.........

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mom money does grow on trees !!!!! and G G babies

   This was his 12th birthday can't believe how fast time is flying by.He would'nt tell us what he wanted just surprise him.It use to be easy to get for him,but now he's at that age it's so much harder.It popped in my head to make him a money tree,but how was I going to do it that he would'nt see it before his party.So I started decorating it with easter eggs for Easter he was even helping.I told him we'd finish it later after his party so we covered it up.While him and his dad went to the market I attached the money.After he opened everyones presents I told him to uncover the tree.He gave me a funny look but did it.His eye's got big as saucers when he saw the money.We did'nt like just giving him money, but he said it was the best birthday present ever.He loved everything he got and had a wonderful time.I still can't believe he's 12.We are in no way in a hurry for him to grow up.There is times he wants to be grownup and others when he likes to be babied.I guess thats the tween stage as he calls it lol...
  Thought I'd share a couple pics of my great grandbabies.Kloton,Skylynn belong to my GD Tabby and the baby baby is Destiny she belongs to my other GD Ashlie.I feel very blessed to have such sweet and healthy G G babies...
Well have to get supper on the table.I am working on a few new dolls hope to have some pic on tomorrrow or next day....Have a great evening...Hugz Diane

Monday, April 19, 2010

I've been blessed !!!

    I am soooo tickled with my new blog look.It was made by Jess of
Thank you ! Thank you ! Jess I love it...You should check out her blog she is an amazing artiest.
 I could'nt figure out how to do this for nothing and from the kindness of her heart she offered to do this.I just can't thank her enough.It makes me really feel like working on my blogging and adding new things....Have a great day everyone.....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Peek a Boo !!!

  Saturday I was in hurry to get some cleaning done.I've been doing a lot of my dolling in my livingroom.I don't feel right leaving my husband setting out here all the time by his self.So I just bring my things out here with him.Sometimes my stuff takes over the whole place.I thought I'd hurry up and give it a quick going over.I threw a couple dolls I was practicing on in the box.I went out of the room and when I came back in there staring at me was this little one staring out me out of the box.
Now if I did'nt know better I'd think she did this on her own. I know I did'nt pose them or notice them like this until after I left the room hum now I just wonder lol.....
In my last post I was having a hard time making myself to get a dress sewed together..Well the very next day I had it done.All I have to do is finish decorating,but I put it away for a while.Because I have the soft sculpture bug and been working on some babies.It's been a while since I did any SS so just been playing around with some patterns I have had for a while.
Here's a pic of the dress I need to finish...My thoughts for it was to make an angel but have that on hold for now.Right now I am working on SS babies.
Did you ever find yourself in the place where you were'nt sure of what you really wanted too do?I seem to be torn between prims and the SS babies and dolls.Maybe if I get these babies finished I'll know more about which way I'll head.
          I am no good at writing down my thoughts so hope you can get the idea of what I am trying to say.I love reading everyones's blogs and how they can express their feeling,but for me it's like pulling teeth.Maybe someday it will get easier....Well hope everyone has a great day....Hugs Diane

Friday, February 26, 2010

Going to do this doll if it kills me

  Or at least get her clothes started.I have no idea whats going on,but ever since I decided to do her as an angel I can't get working on her.I've cleaned,changed beds went to walmart any excuse not to get started.This has been going on for days,and I have no idea why.I don't think I have ever had this much trouble with any of my other dolls.I know I have had times I felt like I was in a rut and just could'nt get with it,but this is different.Maybe being a angel I think I won't do her justice I don't know,but if I don't get something done on her this evening I might make her into something else.Gee maybe I am loosing my mind,or is it all this snow going to my brain.Especially since they're calling for another storm to hit here this evening.Ok enough going to do one more thing then going to start on her.I will have some pics next post either an angel or something different can't stand it no longer....Hope you're having a better day then me lol.....

Saturday, February 6, 2010


 Opened my door this morning to this and it's still coming down ...
We hav'nt seen this much snow for years.I love snow but this is a bit much
Poor Mickey he don't know what to make of it either..................
I heard there is thousands without electric I pray they get it soon.....
        This does make a good day for working on my dolls and doll class I am taking.I am working on my first painted doll.She is completely painted all over.The class I am taking is of a Angel baby by Kim Tuft.She's a small baby and not done as a prim.It's been a long time since I've done any soft sculpting and I love it.I like all the detail you can put into the dolls with a few stitches....

Just a couple of my sculpted dolls.....
Bye for now have to get supper going and then I'll have the evening for my dolls.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Procrastination and Organization Get out of my way

  Procrastination and Organization.These are the 2 things I really want to work on this year.So far so good I feel I have a head start on them already.I have put off doing my craft room so long that I just had a path through there.Well I have it pretty much all in order.You know how it is when you want to do something and you think of everything you have to do before you can find what you need.Thats where I was and it kept me from doing a lot of my things.No more I am on a roll lol....
  This evening I am listing SNOWBELLE on ebay.I will post addy after I get her on.She was so much fun she is OOAK.She is my first doll for 2010.I am working on 2 dolls and a set of bunnies that will be good for Valentines,Easter or any time just by changing what they are holding.Can't wait to show them to you too....
  Well have to get supper going so I can get busy on my new dolls...Have a great day....Diane