Monday, January 18, 2010

Procrastination and Organization Get out of my way

  Procrastination and Organization.These are the 2 things I really want to work on this year.So far so good I feel I have a head start on them already.I have put off doing my craft room so long that I just had a path through there.Well I have it pretty much all in order.You know how it is when you want to do something and you think of everything you have to do before you can find what you need.Thats where I was and it kept me from doing a lot of my things.No more I am on a roll lol....
  This evening I am listing SNOWBELLE on ebay.I will post addy after I get her on.She was so much fun she is OOAK.She is my first doll for 2010.I am working on 2 dolls and a set of bunnies that will be good for Valentines,Easter or any time just by changing what they are holding.Can't wait to show them to you too....
  Well have to get supper going so I can get busy on my new dolls...Have a great day....Diane

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