Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Annalissa a special angel

  My angel is finally listed on ebay.In her hand she is holding an Angel Feather ornament with the poem explaining the meaning of the feather.She is white and silver,but the lighting in some pics give her a gold cast but it's all silver.I just love her she is so precious I love how she turned out and hope you do too.Here is the words for the poem...

                                                             Angel Feather
                                             I am an angel feather sent from up above,

                                         to serve as a reminder of His most gracious love.

                                    I'm from your Guardian Angel that God assigned to you,

                                       it fell out in her struggle as she protected you.

                                  Each time you almost stumble each time you almost fall,

                                    thank God and all His Angels for answering your call.

   If you'd like to see more pics of her look here..

  I have a lot to do today going to try and find a template for my ebay.I just have such a hard time doing the online stuff.If I could just get the hang of it things would be so much easier for me.I have been selling dolls for a long time at shows and had a shop until my husbands accident,but doing it online is a whole new thing and hard for me to catch on to,but i'll keep trying...
                                                                      Have a great day everyone.....

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  1. es realmente bello !!!cariños desde San Juan