Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The 3 bandits are back

  The very next morning after I made my last post about only seeing the 1 coon thinking the other 2 were dead.I feed the cats as usual,but when I went back to check on them these 3 guys were there just eating away.My cats were sitting around watching,but staying away boo don't look to happy about the whole thing.The pics arn't to good,but tried not to scare them away.They did'nt move a bit when I took the pics just finished eat got a drink then moved on.The only thing I do worry about rabis.They seem ok and not aggressive at all.

         Finishing up on my Angel doll hope to have everything done by this evening,and can post some pics.I am real happy with her.Only thing I am having trouble with is the Angel Feather tag I want to put on her ornament.For some reason I can't get my print shop to work right or most likely it's just me..
Blessing have a great day........

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