Thursday, September 23, 2010

   Where in the world does the time go ???? Everything went good with my husbands getting the stents in his heart.They thought they'd have to put 3 in but only needed 2 and that was good news.With all that behind us now I feel I can breathe.I really left things go around the house so been catching up on that.
   Now I hope to really get back into my doll making.I want to finish up my angel.She is the first angel I ever made and I am loving her.She was'nt suppose to be an angel but all she needed was the wings.I did'nt want to buy a pattern just for the wings so I sat down and made my own.I think they came out really good especially for being my own pattern..
I drew out a pattern and put lines in for the top stitching.I used shimmering tulle and a layer of batting inbetween.They really came out so nice I was kind of proud on myself lol.I am thinking of putting some shimmering lace around the edges.I've been wanting to use the lace for some time and this just seems like the perfect time for it.Well better get off here have a few things to do then on to my angel.I will have more pic later.Hope everyone has a wonderful day blessing......

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