Thursday, June 10, 2010

  Sorry I have been so long in posting.Getting all my flowers and seedlings planted was more work then I planned.Ended up with a pinched nerve in my neck causing me alot of pain all the way down my arm,but I am working it out.
  Now for the best part.I am finally able to move on with my dolls.I finally got a template for ebay got it figured out and ready to post in the next day or so.As I have said before I know little about computer stuff,but it was'nt as hard as I thought.I did have to ask for help,but did do most myself.
   So I would like you to meet * Sarah and her little friend Charlie * They are so sweet I love looking at them sitting here together.
I will post the ebay link once I get them listed.I have had my dolls done for some time,but did'nt want to list them till I had a template.
Well have to go and get supper going.Tonight we are making pork chops on the grill.I love grilling and would like to find some good grilling recipes.Anyone have any they'd like to share? Have  great day...

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