Thursday, May 27, 2010

No green thumb here, but love of sunflowers

   I don't have a green thumb at all ,but have to show you my little project SUNFLOWERS I love them.I have only grown these once years ago,but now that we are settled I decided to try them again.It is so amazing to me to see the giant flowers that just start from a small seed.To me they are happy flowers and seem to make such a strong statement when you look at them.I started the mammoths,red velvets and some mixed colors.The mammoths are my favorite.The others are new to me so we will see how they turn out.Just the day before(day 6 since I started the seeds) you could just see some green popping thru the dirt,but look how they looked at day 7

Day 8 they are above the rim of the pot.The mammoth are in the round pot,and vevets are in the square pan.I already have the mixed colored ones planted,but it's just to hot today for me to plant these.Hopefully I'll get them done this weekend.....Now this is another project I have been working on thanks to my wonderful daughter.There's no way I could have done this without her.My hubby and I was sitting on the deck and we heard this noise coming up from her house.Here she came on her tractor and cart with rocks in one load then she got another load of tools .I have to take some more pics to show you,but I am so happy with it.She had got me a bunch of plants for mothers day and we had to get them planted soon so that really got us motivated in getting these things done.Tomorrow we are suppose to work on her pond and I'll get pics of that too.
  Soon as I get my planting done I plan on getting back to my dollies.I have so many running thru my head at times it's hard to think of anything else....Have a blessed day   HUGZ Diane

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