Monday, March 22, 2010

Peek a Boo !!!

  Saturday I was in hurry to get some cleaning done.I've been doing a lot of my dolling in my livingroom.I don't feel right leaving my husband setting out here all the time by his self.So I just bring my things out here with him.Sometimes my stuff takes over the whole place.I thought I'd hurry up and give it a quick going over.I threw a couple dolls I was practicing on in the box.I went out of the room and when I came back in there staring at me was this little one staring out me out of the box.
Now if I did'nt know better I'd think she did this on her own. I know I did'nt pose them or notice them like this until after I left the room hum now I just wonder lol.....
In my last post I was having a hard time making myself to get a dress sewed together..Well the very next day I had it done.All I have to do is finish decorating,but I put it away for a while.Because I have the soft sculpture bug and been working on some babies.It's been a while since I did any SS so just been playing around with some patterns I have had for a while.
Here's a pic of the dress I need to finish...My thoughts for it was to make an angel but have that on hold for now.Right now I am working on SS babies.
Did you ever find yourself in the place where you were'nt sure of what you really wanted too do?I seem to be torn between prims and the SS babies and dolls.Maybe if I get these babies finished I'll know more about which way I'll head.
          I am no good at writing down my thoughts so hope you can get the idea of what I am trying to say.I love reading everyones's blogs and how they can express their feeling,but for me it's like pulling teeth.Maybe someday it will get easier....Well hope everyone has a great day....Hugs Diane


  1. I love the pics, sooo cute! What a sweet dress too : ) Aren't babies fun, you just never know when you turn your back what mischief they get into... Hugs, Kim

  2. Thanks Kim glad you like the dress.I have more to do to it but am a little side tracked right now with these babies.Yes know what you mean you never know what they're going to get into next lol....Hugs Diane

  3. Too freakin' cute Diane!!! This is me...I trace and sew in my office and stuff on the couch with my hubby...I too drag that big green box around the house - your dolls are presh!

    XOXO Jess

    *If you ever need blog help or need a layout - I will be HAPPY to help you out...I do it all the time...

  4. thank you for the sweet comments on my dolls, I see you make dolls too, and they are wonderful, and you have a Siamese Kitty, so do I!
    "small world"
    your fairy friend
    Kaerie Faerie

  5. Thanks Jess,and glad to hear I am not the only one that does it. YES Jess I'd love any help at all with my blog,but just to let you know I am VERY dumb at computer stuff....Hugs Diane
    Kaerie thank you.Yes I do and boy is he something else.He's a little love bug and full of mischief lol..Hugs Diane