Monday, January 17, 2011

Ready to start something new and some pics

 It's such a relief now that I finally was able to get back into my doll room and get everything back in order well pretty much anyway.Over the holidays everything seemed to get shoved in there empty christmas boxes and everything else.It seems when things are all in a mess my brain is too.I have a hard time starting on anything until I get things organized.Now that my room and house are back in order my brain is going crazy to get started on some new ideas I have starting with valentines day.I am thinking of cupids,angels,or frogs maybe a cat.Have to give it a little more thought,but something will be going on today for sure.
 I met the most wonderful lady on ebay.She won my angel doll Annalissa,and sent me the most wonderful letter.It is so good that she would take the time to let me know how much she liked her.Her sister loved the doll some much that she order one for her for Christmas.It is always a blessing to hear good things about something you have created.
   Well guess I better get moving can't wait to get started on something new.Have a great day Blessing Diane

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