Friday, June 17, 2011

Good Morning

Good morning,
 I know it's been a while since my last posting, but thought I'd take a break and get some things done outside before it got to hot. That was a joke it got up in the high 90s-100 but had to finish what I started. Now it's been in the 70s and beautiful oh well I am done now and getting back to my dollies.
             Thought I'd show you my bunny and her strawberry candy bouquet. I loved doing her she's such a sweet looking bunny. The blue in her outfit is so pretty I wish I could find it in other designs too. I think I'll take her outside for more pics hopefully they will show up better. I hope to list her on ebay soon.

  Did you ever buy fabric with no idea what you'd do with it ? I bought this a good while ago not having a clue what I'd make with it. Well I have a little lady I think it will be perfect for. If things go well I'll have some pics in a day or so.
Guess I better HOP off here (lol sorry just had to say that). I really want to get busy with my dolls and have lots to share with you.
Have a great day and many blessing  (hugz)

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