Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pity party is over

I am so sorry I made that last post.I tried to delete it but did'nt know how.I have so much to be thankful for and hate when I get in those horrible moods.Why is it so hard to do the things you know will help.For me it's getting my bible out and just start reading or just taking the time to spend a few mins talking to the Lord.
I had my birthday on the 25th.I have to take pics of my present from my son and hubby.Its one of the faux fireplaces.I love it.I wanted one for years but would'nt get one.With my hubbys health we can't have a real one any more so this works fine for us.It looks so real unbelieveable.The kids got me things for me and for my house.They know I love candles needless to say I got those a light up makeup mirror(eyes aren't what they use to be lol),and other things I was really surprised.I am so blessed to have such thoughtfull children and grands also a couple greats lol.
I got all my rooms cleaned and that was such a worry.It's something how things can work on your mind and you don't even realize it.Every time I thought of doing something I really wanted to do like dolls or crafts.First thing popped in my mind was these rooms I really needed to take care of.My bedroom, our sons ,and my doll room.I really did'nt finish them since we moved in 1 yr ago.Well they are done and what a relief feels like a ton off my shoulders.
I don't have pics this time but will post some in my next post.Have a great day and blessing to each of you...................((HUGS))


  1. Your dolls sure are amazing!! Where do you sell them? I hope you get to feeling better. I enjoyed your blog,


  2. Thank you so much Denni glad you liked them.I have sold a few on ebay.Working on a few now.Yes feeling a lot better now.Thank you for commenting and have a great day...Diane