Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santas happy !!!!!

   It's snowing I love it.Santa is looking out the window with a big smile on his face.This is his special time of the year.This is an old Santa my daddy bought for my mom at a flea market.He's about 5' tall.It was summer time then around 1990 not sure of exact date.Dad always goes one way and mom the other.He usually just skips through but mom she takes her good old time.Well dad saw this bought it and stuck it in the car in moms seat.Well when she was walking to the car she could'nt figure who was sitting in her seat.When she saw it was Santa she just busted out laughing.
   I get my decorating from my mom.Every year she had poor dad up on a ladder putting lights all around the house outside while she did the inside.He did'nt mind cause he knew this was her thing.Mom and dad were the same age and she passed away when she was 75.So her last Christmas with us she was 74 and dad was 74 when he did all that climbing and outside decorating.They truly loved each other and cared about each others feelings.
   This is just a few of the special memories I have about mom and dad.They are both gone now mom in 93 and dad in 98.
 God truly blessed me with the most wonderful parents.I love and miss them so much but I know I will be seeing them again.
        I also got a few pics of my kittens in their first snow.....

Boo(Black) loves it ,but Mickey's not to
All for now have a great day.........................


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