Wednesday, May 11, 2011

  Today the sun is shining so pretty makes me feel like working outside, but I have so many things started that I need to get finished before anything else. I finally have the pics of my bunny and her candy bouquet to show you.I would have liked to had her done for Mothers day, but with being sick I just did'nt have it in me then to get her ready.

     I just love how she turned out the pic just doesn't do her justice thats for sure. My only problem with her is her name. She just isn't helping me with that at all. I don't know why I am having such a hard time naming her. I usually have a name come to me while the doll is being created, but not for her. So if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them. I think I'll be putting her on ebay shortly after I get caught up on a few things I need to finish.
Here's a peek at one thing I am working on can you guess what it is ?

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