Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Little by little

This little dolly has been in my head for a long time.Usually I know who or what they will be as I am working on them,but not with this one.She seems to have a mind of her own.So far she told me her eyes were to be green.
Then after I did that she informed me she needed more color.So when I am finished here thats what we will be doing.She has picked the fabric she wants and the style,but that's as far as we got so far.The fabric is so pretty.I'll show you a pic but it sure does'nt show up as good as it looks.It's like black satin with metallic gold leaves and metallic pink,blue,and purple flowers on it I just love it.Also I gave her a wire armature in her arms that makes it so nice to pose her.

Well all for now I need to get busy with her she is being so demanding lol.I am hoping to get her makeup and clothing done today.Hopfully by then she'll know what hair style she wants and I'll be able to finish her this week. God bless..................

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