Friday, April 17, 2009

Dyeing wool with reg hair color

It's been on my mind to try to dye some sheeps wool with reg hair color.I used a cheap brand and it worked to my surprise.Next I want to try dyeing some white wool with a blonde color.I have some white wool here just have to find it.Now that I have a room of my own to work in I am trying to get everything in it's own place(easier said then done for me)lol...

Ok this was a golden blonde that I used a brown on,I only did half of the strand so you could see the difference too.The bottle of Excellence in the background isn't what I used on this one....

It turned out good.Next time I think I'd get a darker brown for the look I wanted,but it does look and feel real good.You can see where a little of it is lighter.I guess I did'nt get it as covered as I thought but at least I'll know what to do next time.A better brand of color might have done better too with the coverage....... Well have a great day and happy dolling.............. Diane

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