Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's the ponds fault and few doll pics

I got the idea to put in a pond.It semed like an easy project I did it before,but that was 10 years ago at our old house.I can tell you one thing my body isn't what it use to be thats for sure.I am so thankful my son wanted to help I could'nt have did it.He's only 11,but he really did great.Then we got some greatly appreciated help from our grandson inlaw.My husband wanted to help,but with his heart condition there was no way...

This was our 1st day

This was day 2

Couple days later our help

We have the dirt around,but have to add the waterfall.We should have that done by the weekend.It has been rainning so much we can't finish it now.

In the mean time I have been practicing on some doll heads.Finally I think I have the eyes going the way I want them.I just cut out a new doll and got it sewed up this morning.So hope to have her together tonight.

Here's a couple heads I have practiced on.One has eyes to small to high other is to big...

Well have to go make some lunch.The kids only had a half a day,and same tomorrow with that being their last day in school.Hope you have a great day God bless...........

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