Friday, April 29, 2011

Pray for our neighbors and be careful of slight signs of colds

This has been an awful day. With all that's going on in the world and sickness here at home. My heart goes out to those in the south can't even imagine what they are feeling. I have a very special friend that lives where it all took place. I am so thankful I got to talk to her and her husband and everything was ok with them.Their electric is out because of trees falling on the power lines hopefully it will be on soon. I do worry about her she has breathing problems I know this has to be hard on her. They all need our prayers and anything else we can do for them.
   Good Friday we had our son in the ER he had 2 ear infections and bronchitis. He had just a slight cough  until the last day then it hit all at once. All week I was getting up about 3:30 am so clogged up in the chest I could hardly breathe.Then it would be ok until the next morning, but by Sunday (Easter) morning I was gasping for air my husband said you're going to the hospital. I didn't have a fever test didn't show any pneumonia, but they kept me for more test thinking maybe my heart. They did all kind of test and said a heart specialist would be in later that night. It was awful I just wanted to go home like a big baby I cried to go HOME  I don't like hospital or doctors. Easter is one of my favorite holiest days of the year along with Christmas to be shared with our family get togethers.
  About 9:30 pm the Dr. came in checked me over real good and went over the test. He said my heart was fine, but the new test showed pneumonia and 2 ear infections. He loaded me with prescriptions and instructions and let me go HOME. I am breathing better each day still a little hard talking,but getting better thank the LORD.
  The main thing about all this is be careful especially with the children.If they have even a little cough or complain a little about an earache you better get them checked. My 16 mo old great grand baby went to the hospital also that weekend with 2 ear infections and pink eye. My sons friend at school also has ear infections so something is going around bad. Usually you get a cold or fevers and thing show up, but with this those things aren't showing up first. So please be careful !!!
  I know I am starting to feel better because I am thinking about my dolls a little more, but not enough to do anything yet hopefully soon...
        So please be careful ....God bless and pray for those that our suffering today..........

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