Tuesday, April 12, 2011

  Things are coming along good and soon will be done the bunny and doll. It seems like I have been on these forever why I don't know. I've never had so much trouble getting things done as I have lately. Sometimes I felt like I was in reverse lol. I've made this the day to get these 2 dolls done. It's rainning out and I have some old western movies on netflix with a big pot of coffee. Now it don't get better then that even hubbys making supper.
                                                                           Have all clothes made except her slip I forgot until I was dressing her.I love the shades of blue it is so pretty.I also redid the pattern a little so the clothes could be removed also the ruffles around the neck.No wonder it takes me so long  I always seem to have to change something, but I think when we make something from patterns we always put a little of ourselves in to our projects.
                                                                                 Have everything gathered up for her candy bouquet I am making her to hold. I wanted to make something a little different to put in her arms.
Hopefully I'll have more pics of the finished dolls tomorrow if all goes the way I plan it, but you know how that goes lol.
   Have to go now and get busy,but will be back tomorrow with more pics.Have a great days blessings !!!

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